A quiet place


Noise pollution might have been recognized as a problem in some parts of the world. However, its effects need further investigation. This might be even more true to sounds beyond our perception such as electromagnetic waves. Essential to human activities but inaudible to ours ears, electromagnetic radiation has an impact on nature. “A quiet place” is about these hidden layers of sound and addresses questions of acoustic disturbance that arise as soon as places like the region around Andalién River in Chile become subject to man-made progress.


"A quiet place" is included in the Sounding Nature project by Cities and Memory, "the first worldwide artistic reflection on our natural environment, as artists all over the globe recompose and reimagine the sounds of our natural world." The piece is based on a field recording of Humedal Rocuant-Andalien (Playa Negra) by Valentina Villarroel Ambiado.