Terbijn - Eco

Side A 01 Encounter / 02 Daidalos / 03 Eco / 04 Care / 05 Can Sentinels

Side B 06 Portholes / 07 Washoe / 08 Pipe Sentinels / 09 Mistletoe / 10 Gift


‘Eco’ contains many traces of what I was working on during the last couple of years: the sounds of my art installations, generative patches in Max/MSP, field recordings, and gongs of weird shapes I created in endless hammering sessions. Working with feedback has become quite important for me, and I can think of many ways to dig deeper into its possibilities. It took me quite a while to figure out what these disparate sound sources have in common, and to develop the album’s red thread - while still keeping all the breaks.


Released by Never Anything Records. It can be purchased on Bandcamp